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comilla-1Going through the ocean has been an amazing experience, it will remain in mind and heart. Since the moment landed at gatwick london airport I know that the following days will be perfect and that was the fact. I stayed in stratham at Louizou house a lovely family, integrated by Maria the house hold, Nick her husband a really funny man, and their two pleasant daughters. There was also 4 more students, Celine, Jack, Nelson and Cynthia. We became really good friends spending amazing moments taking walks around the city where I could see great places such Westminster abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Richmond Park and so many others which took my breath away.

About the school certainly I can say that was an unforgettable way of studying, Frances King School of English has been a place where the teachers in my case Steve, who fell in love with capitan del espacio and Caroline made me feel the most joyous person in their respective classes creating a fabulous atmosphere in the classroom between them and my class mates who were friendly people from different parts of the world. About Paris I felt surprised by the historical places and landscapes with the exception of the Parisian residents who were discourteous with tourists, different from Madrid a beautiful city full of history and warm people.

To sum up, our coordinator a person who has cared about the minimum detail to give us a comfortable staying in London, Paris and Madrid: Susan, our traveling aunt, an extraordinary woman that I will never forget.

Being said this, hope you like my little brief of how my life has turned in a properly way of blissful after this
trip that I never will forget throughout my life.comilla-2

Sebastián Di Luca

Buenos Aires, January 2016


comilla-1VIC Organization offers an unforgettable experience. It is highly recommended. They have the expertise, and are very professional. The organization is excellent, and that includes the schools that VIC works with, as well as the hosting families. They always fulfill the terms of the programmes, which are tailor-made for each group.
If you wish to travel to London, VIC is always the best choice!comilla-2

Prof. Marcelo Rodríguez
San Luis
Since January 2012

comilla-1VIC has been making our travel arrangements for more than 6 years. We have travelled to England and USA several times.
Susana has always been so helpful and efficient at finding great options and great deals for our students. Transfers, tickets and tours have always been very well organized. What is more, both location and quality of students’ residences & hotels have been outstanding.
She has always been a delight to work with. She has given us such good orientation in planning our trips and our itineraries have always been perfectly designed.
Susan, we are impressed with your dedication and professionalism!!! We’ll definitely contact you for our next trip!!comilla-2

Prof. Julieta Quierco
Mar de Ajó
Since 2010



comilla-1The company fulfills our expectations, and more. Susana finds a way of giving us what we ask for, accepts our demands and adapts the programmes according to our needs. She also tries to always favour the teachers as well as the institutes. Working with VIC is very easy and pleasant!comilla-2

Prof. Mónica Funes
Since 2009


comilla-1This year, for the second time in 4 years, 15 students from our Institute, accompanied by teachers, will travel with VIC Organization to England, Scotland and France in an educational and cultural trip. They will study in London for three weeks and will visit cultural places. We have chosen them once again because they are a reliable and responsible company. Our families trust in its director and coworkers’ advice and support towards teachers, parents and students.
VIC has shown excellence and efficiency by offering a quality service.comilla-2

Prof. Roxana Campetta
Directora Idiomática, CIMDIP
Since 2012