Courses for teachers

VIC offers you two options:

Accompany your group while you take a General English Course.


Take a Teacher Training Course to improve your skills.


Teacher Training Course (TTC)

Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: January and July
26 lessons per week

The course includes Language Development as Teaching's Methodology.

This course is designed for ESL teachers who already teach or want to teach in their own country. It includes both Language Development and Methodology lessons. The course is held every morning (Monday to Friday) and on two afternoons per week. All the tutors are highly experienced teacher trainers who also teach in courses for native speaking teachers.

Course Content:

The Language Development Module aims at refreshing and extending the knowledge and use of English in the areas of vocabulary, grammar and phonology, as well as the language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The Teaching Methodology Module explores the latest developments in ESL teaching and considers a wide range of topics, including classroom management, role-playing, language acquisition through drama and communicative techniques, among others.

The course will provide the participants with published resources and materials, and will also grant them free access to the Media Centre and other self-access resources. Depending on the groups’ needs, courses can also work on special projects or on other topics as English literature, for example.


Each student will receive the St Giles International Certificate in Teaching English upon completion of the course.

Our programme includes:


2 weeks
(26 lessons p/week).

Homestay accommodation
(shared room).

Half board
(breakfast & dinner).

Course Certificate.

Free internet access.

Airport transfers (groups).

OPTIONAL: 3 days in Paris, Edinburgh or Madrid (& Paris).